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These bags are the best!!! They originated in Hawaii, 100% waterproof inside & out. They come in so many different prints and sizes! 

These bags are used for: 

  • packing organization
  • toiletries
  • wet swimwear 
  • post workout gear
  • sunscreen
  • make up
  • clutch


The Small Pouch: Beach to Bar, Pool to Plane, or Boat to Dock

  • Your favorite bikini bag, made to keep your wet stuff separate and your dry stuff dry, so pack your bags! 
  • Ultimate leak free make-up bag
  • Made out of a special technical material to keep your stuff protected against splashes, spills, and weather while you go from point A to point B
  • Use all day at the beach or pool, then take it out on the town to use as a cute clutch
  • Measures 8" across x 1.5" wide x 6.5" tall

Color: Harmony ocean/white

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